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Cat Litter Mat

Cat Litter Mat

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Why waste time sweeping up cat litter when you don't have to?

No one enjoys cleaning up the mess their cat drags from their litter tray. Our Litter Trap Mat will save you countless time tidying up after your cat and keep your home free from messy cat litter.

Cat Litter Mat | Cat Litter Pad | Cattached

Less Litter Mess 

 The Litter Trap Mat's simple but genius double layered design stops your cat from spreading litter across your home by trapping pieces of litter in it's honey comb top layer. The collected litter falls through the gaps and is held out of sight between the mat's two layers.

LucyMat™ Litter Mat – Lucy&Paw

Less Time Cleaning 

The trapped litter is quickly and easily emptied through a large Velcro secured opening. The collected litter can be thrown away or poured back into your cat's litter tray to be reused, saving you money on wasted cat litter. The Litter Trap Mat is cleaned in seconds by simply rinsing under a shower or hose.

Cat Litter Waterproof Mat

Protects Floors 

Made from waterproof, anti-slip materials that protect hardwood, carpeted and tiled floors from urine, moisture and mess so you don't have to suffer unpleasant smells and stains lingering around your home.

How to make the cat make less dirt in the litter box - Quora

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